Why Southern Brides Bury Bourbon Before Their Wedding

There are plenty of superstitions when it comes to wedding day luck, but leave it to Southerners to incorporate their beloved whiskey into those traditions. Many Southern brides bury a bottle of bourbon because it is believed to prevent bad weather on a wedding day.

Mild winters, beautiful falls and sunshine-filled summers mean that weddings in the South occur outside more often than ceremonies in the north. What's a couple's worst nightmare? Bad weather during an outdoor wedding, of course. Brides will pretty much do anything to prevent rain on their wedding day: rain dances, prayers, and yes, even getting down on their hands and knees to bury some bourbon. Because, after all, when hasn't whiskey been a great solution to a problem?

The tradition states that if you bury a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon exactly one month before your wedding date, it won't rain on your special day and you'll have good fortune as a married couple. The couple should bury the full bottle together, upside down at the wedding site or their new home together.

Rain or shine, the bottle should be dug up on the big day and enjoyed with family and friends. Now who doesn’t want good weather for their wedding, but the true magic in this gift is so much more. Planning weddings, even a small one, can be so hectic and pull the previously happy couple in a thousand different anxiety ridden directions.

The burying of the bourbon, gives the couple an activity to do, just the two of them, and allow them to take a breath and reconnect before the insanity of the weeks before a major life event. Like we said, the perfect gift with all the feels.