Alexis and Charles

As a wedding photographer, it is always such a pleasure to hear the love stories of our clients. Lexi and Charles met at a Halloween party in Boston back in 2015, where they immediately hit it off and started dating. Despite some distance and a brief break in their relationship, they found their way back to each other and have been inseparable ever since. Lexi's sweet, cheerful personality and Charles' grounded nature make them a perfect match, and their love for each other shines through in everything they do.

After dating for over five years, Charles proposed to Lexi in the most unique and memorable way - by whispering to their dog Chester about the proposal and having Lexi overhear the secret. And now, they are excited to tie the knot at a beautiful venue by the water that reminds Charles of a special place from their college days.

For their wedding, Lexi and Charles envision a fun and stress-free day surrounded by their closest friends and family, with a special moment to remember for years to come - their ring bearing dog Chester walking down the aisle with the rings. It is clear that this couple values authenticity and realness, which is why they were drawn to our wedding photography. Our work captures the vibrancy and emotion of the special moments on a couple's wedding day, making them feel alive and real to look back on for years to come.

We are so excited to capture the love and joy of Lexi and Charles' special day, and are honored to be a part of such an important moment in their relationship.