The Wedding of Toni and Johnny

They have known each other since high school when Johnny turned around and asked her for some of her frappe.

She remembers him being “The best person to be around and very caring, and he always knew how to put a smile on her face.”

For their first date she went with him to his cousins graduation and she absolutely loved being with him. 

They had been together for three years when Johnny proposed. She was cooking dinner and her sister insisted that she needed to come outside for a second where she found Johnny hiding behind a truck. Low and behold a beautiful little calf named butterscotch walked around the truck and came towards her, and the name tag read, will you marry me? Guys...We don’t make this stuff up! 

The Barn at Lazy P was the perfect venue for them because the staff made them feel like family and there was cows everywhere. Toni loves cows!!! 

Oh the look on Johnny’s face when he first saw Toni coming down the isle. What a smile! Their first dance was one of the most beautiful ones we’ve experienced to date and they we’re so looking forward to it. 

Here’s to you Mr. and Mrs. Summers 🥂 and your new adventure.