5 Reasons to Hire Husband Wife Wedding Photographers

If you're in the middle of searching for the right wedding photographer, you might already have discovered some of the benefits to having a second photographer present on your big day. While there are many fantastic professionals out there who often work as a second photographer, this isn't always the case for every wedding.

We'd first like to state that, just because a photographer is not a husband wife team, that doesn't mean they aren't an amazing photographer. And hiring a photographer who then hires a second shooter is common in the industry. So, to be clear, we are not bashing any form of wedding photographer business. We know many photographers that aren't husband wife teams that are absolutely amazing.

However, there are a few reasons why we think having a husband wife wedding photographer team is the very best option for many, many couples. Are we biased? Absolutely : )

Pros to hiring husband wife wedding photographers

  • Have the strengths of both a man and woman to help manage all the details, with the mutual support to make up for each other's weaknesses
  • Two full-time photographers that consistently work together as a team
  • Two unique perspectives
  • Shared experiences in planning a wedding
  • More photos of the moments that matter

Cons if you don't hire husband wife wedding photographers

  • May have the weaknesses of either a man or a woman, and may only have only the strengths of one or the other
  • Main shooter may cut cost and/or hire an inexperienced second shooter
  • You typically don't get to choose the second shooter
  • Possibly less professional photos
  • You don't get the dual insight and care that comes from a married couple

Potential Downsides to Hiring a Photographer with a Second Shooter

Singular Strengths and Weaknesses

Where a husband and wife wedding photographer team has the natural strengths of both a man and a woman, a single main photographer may only have one set of strengths and no partner with them that knows how to compensate for their weaknesses. 

Now, that's not to say that any given photographer, regardless of gender, can have their own strengths are weaknesses that break the "stereo-types". But, what is sure is that they have strengths and weaknesses, and, if you're wanting the benefits of having two sets of strengths matched with the support of making up for each others weaknesses, a husband wife wedding photographer team is your answer!

For example, Alfredo, on his own was not always the best at styling and watching out for little details like hair being out of place, collars being even, etc., but he has always been very technically apt to solve problems, help others feel comfortable, and organizing so that things run smoothly. 

But with Maryel, Alfredo not only has learned to also watch out for, style, and care for many of the details he may have otherwise overlooked, but he also still brings his previous strengths to the table.

Maryel, though great with details, has found gently commanding/leading situations and people (such as family formals, for example) to be very difficult. Her keen eye for the tiny details could keep her from being able to see the big picture and guiding situations and people in a way that leads to overall comfort. This is ironic because her gift would really shine if she didn't have to focus on all the "big-picture" stuff! Enter, Alfredo.

Either Alfredo or Maryel on their own could photograph weddings, but when photographing together, the dual strengths and ability to make up for each others weaknesses really shines.  

A main shooter, even with a second shooter, likely doesn't have the same structure and support system that helps magnify strengths and make up for weaknesses.  

Sometimes the second's quality of work isn't professional quality

Some lead wedding photographers hire a less experienced individual in order to cut back on costs, and this can sometimes mean a lower quality of work in the end.

When hiring a photographer who is hiring a second shooter, not only do you often have no control over who the second wedding photographer is, you also aren't guaranteed the quality of work they'll provide.

Though many photographers have second shooters they regularly work with, it is fairly common for photographers to wait, even until the last few days to hire their second shooter. It could be the case that the photographer and their second have never met prior to the wedding day.  Again, this doesn't mean that they're work will be bad. But, it is something to consider when investing your money and trusting someone to capture your wedding day.

There is,  however, another way you can help ensure your special moments are captured by two experienced professionals in the industry. With a husband and wife wedding photography team, you can take advantage of some of the following perks:

Lots of Joy Can Come From Two Full-Time Photographers

When we say "full-time" photographer, we mean that photography is the only main source of income. Though we both work varying hours per week, we both consider ourselves "professional" working photographers, since this is our main income.

When you hire full-time husband wife wedding photographers, you're not getting one photographer and then a second (whose experience may or may not be professional). You're getting two photographers that work as a team. 

What sets us apart from many other husband and wife teams is that we're both full-time wedding photographers. Although there are plenty of other husband/wife teams out there, that doesn't always mean that both or even either of them is full-time. So, in this scenario, you may still be getting the main shooter and then the spouse is still sort of the "second shooter". That's not to say they don't have massive benefits as a husband/wife team. It may just not be the same as having to full-time pros on your side.

When you hire a full-time husband and wife team , you're relying on two highly experienced photographers who do this line of work full-time. Instead of one lead and one backup, you can have two lead photographers who know how to work as a team!

We've found this to be extremely helpful, for example, during engagement sessions and wedding portraits when Alfredo is organizing and setting up the scene for the photo, Maryel can help pay attention to many of the smaller details, like making sure your hair looks great!

Relief, Because Well, We Know What It's Like to Plan a Wedding

Although capturing dozens of weddings for others definitely gives us a lot of insight, having gone through the wedding planning process ourselves allows us to have the biggest personal experience in order to better understand exactly what you're going through.

We can relate to the excitement, the stress, and all the little details involved! This makes it easier on you, since we often provide answers to questions you may not have thought to ask and support when you feel overwhelmed by it all.

Excellence and Devotion that Comes from Passion and Enjoyment for Weddings

We love what we do and we hope it shows! Weddings are something worth celebrating and cherishing, and we believe you deserve to have vendors that share your excitement. It also makes a big difference on the day of, since you will want to have photographers who are upbeat, communicative, and feel extra creative during the wedding day. 

Weddings are to us a very spiritual celebration, so we hold them in the utmost reverence. We believe that we should put all our hearts into helping to ensure that your wedding is held with honor, dignity, and care.

You Get the Care and Devotion that Comes from Two Devoted Lovers

It's no mystery -- marriage is a partnership. Encouraging and supporting one another is a huge part of our work. Not only do we each have our own strengths, but we also have and know each other's weaknesses and how to serve one another--something that main shooters and second shooters may not have in common.

We have each other's backs every step of the way and step up to the challenge when we need an extra hand.  Wedding days often require us to share responsibilities or divide and conquer.

When our couples are getting ready for the ceremony, we sometimes split up so that we can "be in two places at once." This is also extremely helpful during the ceremony and reception: one of us can capture your soon-to-be-spouse's reaction while the other is getting photos of you walking down the aisle. Strong communication and planning in advance are key to capturing these moments successfully, and we like to think we do this pretty well by now!

Unique Perspectives

Although we do inspire one another in different ways, we are still two unique individuals who bring our own strengths and ideas to the table. It's one of the many reasons why we love working together -- so our couples receive the perfect blend of fun, meaningful, detailed, and creative images they'll cherish for years to come. 

While we're both super detailed-oriented, we like to think that we tend to notice specific sorts of details. Alfredo is able to quickly analyze situations and bring order out of chaos, which is super helpful when managing a wedding day timeline so that photos look their best. Often, while Alfredo is focusing on you feeling comfortable in a relaxed and organized environment, Maryel has the time to truly exercise her feminine eye for things like your dress being bunched up and/or hair being out of place.

When it comes to candid photos and special moments, having two perspectives yields a beautifully meaningful result.

Looking for a Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team? 

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