Love is a Beautiful Emotion Worth Preserving.



Alfredo and Maryel are the Husband Wife Wedding Photography duo behind Gonzalez Lugo Photography. They met at a networking event in Winter Haven Florida in early 2017 and soon after began a mutual admiration for each others photography work, talent and passion.

They began collaborating with each others events, Alfredo bringing his over 10 years of experience with his lighting techniques and dramatic, edgy style in the Spanish market and Maryel bringing her over 5 year light and airy Wedding Photography experience, filled with light, romance and full of love and passion.

It wasn’t until their first Wedding Destination collaboration in San Antonio, Texas where they noticed that their admiration, collaboration and friendship had turned into something more and in the Fall of that same year they joined forces both in their professional and personal lives to bring a more contemporary, modern and candid style of photography to the couples they serve.