Margaret is from New Hampshire and moved down to Lakeland for college. She currently works for the college as well as participate in the community concert band, and local yoga classes. Jayden is originally from Winter Haven and also went to Florida Southern. He currently teaches guitar at Bartow Middle School as well as serving as the Music Director for Bethany Christian Church.

They met in college, where they both majored in music and had many mutual friends. They like to say that it was friends at first sight. They met in late 2014 and found it very easy to talk whenever they ran into each other. They even made up a "call" that they would use to say hello whenever they saw each other. They bonded significantly over that time, and while it wasn't love at first sight, they have both grown in their friendship and partnership with each other.

They have different ideas about what counts as their first date but they became very close friends during one summer and went on many "friend dates" before deciding to give love a shot.

Jayden says that they're both funny, smart, and she challenges him in some obvious ways and some not so obvious ways. Outside of that, he likes her as a person and he want to be around her all the time, even when she's mad at him. That hasn't changed from when they were friends.

Margaret loves his sense of humor, the way they interact with each other is just so different from any other relationship (platonic or romantic) that she’s had. They simply make each other better. They know that their relationship requires that they put effort into it and having that perspective makes it a better relationship.

They’ve had a long engagement, but they've known they were going to get married since the fall of 2017. By the time we get married, we will have been engaged for about half of our whole relationship.

We went on a road trip up the East coast and made a stop in Savannah, Georgia where some of our friends were staying at the same time. We all hung out and brought our cameras, and ended up walking around a beautiful park and Jayden decided that this was the moment. I had known that the proposal was coming sometime during the trip, but I wasn't sure when. Jayden decided on the spot that having our friends around to capture the moment was a great coincidence and decided that it was the time!

We are pretty budget conscious and wanted both an outdoor and indoor component, so when we found the Sorosis Building, it seemed like a perfect match. It also helped that the pictures that we saw were taken by you!

We don't really have a theme for their wedding but it is a chance to celebrate their relationship and commitment to one another with their family and friends all in one place. When they picture the day, they think of lots of little moments of people having fun, eating good food, and getting excited about the game, their wedding is on Superbowl Sunday! It wasn’t on purpose, but her family loves football so they'll have a great time. When planning their wedding they are thinking outside the box.
Their ceremony time will be 2:22pm, and their meal will be a pizza buffet. There will be no alcoholic beverages and they will not be emphasizing dancing.

They are both looking forward to the walk up the aisle as they both have chosen not to do a first look and Margaret is very excited to see the look on his face when he sees her for the first time.

Most of all, they want it to be a gathering of their favorite people, all in one place. She has a pretty big family and most of her friends are from out of state, so she doesn't get to see everyone together very often. She wants it just to be a giant celebration that happens to include their ido’s.