Chelsea was born in Syracuse, New York and moved to Florida when she was 12. She graduated from USF with a Bachelor's in Education. She teaches a bunch of second graders that she love as her own and her hobbies include scrapbooking and, puzzles, and outdoor adventures.


Brennan was born in Germany (had a military dad) but really only lived in Florida for what he can remember. He went to Land O Lakes High School and is a cook at Corporate Caterers. He loves video games, being active outdoors, and disc golf.


They met each other through mutual friends wanted to be just that but as fate would have it, something clicked one day, and they realized they always wanted to be around each other. They could never have enough and together they have three fur babies: copper, sakorra, and aeros that they adore.


Story has it that they had been dating for months and went out to a the pier one night. There was a random man killing it on the saxophone and they couldn’t help but just started dancing to a song just for them. They can’t really explain that magical moment but they both “just felt it”.


Chelsea love Brennan’s caring nature for her, their animals, house, and future family. He has been the only guy who can keep up with her and challenges her at the same time. He loves how smart and outgoing she is. He fell in love with her ambition and care for the world. (His words ;)) Clingy doesn't even cut it for these two. She’s obsessed with him and he's obsessed with her! They are only apart during work hours and still long for each other. After four plus years, they still feel like they're soulmates who could never see life without each other.


He proposed on New years eve at his brother's party. She had no clue what was going on and he was running around behind her back getting a ring, inviting her parents, and letting everyone else know to take pictures. It was a complete surprise! He told everyone he needed to talk to her, got down on a knee, and asked her to be his forever. They have been engaged for two and a half years and on their wedding day it will be their five year anniversary.