They met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party and went to Ybor Brewing Company and a movie for their first date. The night was very relaxed and was filled with great conversation and laughter. The second second first date really hit home for Katie. They went to Malibu Grand Prix and just acted like kids. It was wonderful!

Katie describes Anthony as being a true gentleman and is the greatest thing she admires and loves about him. He is always in her corner and pushes her to do to her best in both her personal and work life. He is very kind, caring, and perceptive of her feelings and always wants the best for her.

Katie is his rock. He describes his life as "immeasurably better" in many ways because of her support, encouragement, and companionship. She is kind and fun and fast at making close friends and is beloved by many.

We are so looking forward to their sweet ido's in the Winter of 2020!